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Independent Pensions Advice

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Thought about taking some pensions advice lately? Sadly we all know that we cannot rely on the state pension to keep us in luxury when we retire. So we all have to manage our own financial future. But many of us find the traditional approach to financial and pensions planning, with those impenetrable sets of facts and figures, really hard work!

Independent Pensions AdviceAt we understand that – while you know that you need advice on your pension you do not want to be flummoxed by figures or blinded by bunkum!

We will review your current pension situation whether stakeholder pension, legacy pension, or multiple pensions and then give you straightforward financial advice on how to grow your pension fund. All in clear language that you will understand! Even better, your initial informal review meeting will be free.

We have over 30 years of experience in the pensions business and have helped hundreds of people like you plan their retirement. So you can be confident that you will receive the best possible independent retirement and pensions advice. Watford, Hertfordshire is the location of our head office. We also have offices where you can meet with one of our retirement and pensions advisors in London and Bedfordshire. You can find the locations here.

Choose Independent Pensions Advice.

Don’t be fooled by what they say, if they are not independent they will not offer a full service.

As Independent Financial Advisors we are ideally placed to advise you on all of your pension funds. Once you have signed a letter of authority we will contact your pension providers and obtain all the relevant information we need to prepare a report on your individual pension funds and recommend a path to move you forward towards the retirement income you require. Non Independent Financial Advisers; those that are tied to providers or restricted, will be unable to offer this service as they will not have full access to all the relevant information.

We help individuals of all ages get to grips with their retirement planning and offer the following services:

  • Basic pensions advice
  • Independent pensions and financial review
  • Retirement planning advice
  • Consolidating multiple pensions
  • Lost pensions finder service
  • Annuity advice
  • Pensions and divorce advice
  • Pensions issues changing jobs
  • And a whole lot more . .

It’s Never Too Early to Plan Your retirement

Depending on your age and indeed outlook, the subject of pensions will illicit a different response from different people. In reality it’s a subject we should all be conscious of throughout out working lives.

Plan your retirement when young

Plan your retirement when young

If you are young and reading this, congratulations! First, for reading about pensions, which can be a challenge,  but secondly because you have an opportunity to start your retirement planning early. Too many young people don’t consider a pensions plan or indeed a retirement plan until later in life. This is of course a mistake, as the earlier you start the more likely it will be for you to retire and maintain the lifestyle you’re used to.

Some people push the issue to one side because they are enrolled in their employers work place pension scheme. It’s easy to forget about, as it’s simply deducted from each pay cheque. As your career or jobs change, you may accumulate several pensions, some you may even forget about.

At some point though, you will start thinking about what you’d like to do once that golden retirement age is reached. And you really do want it to be a ‘golden event,’ don’t you? The prospect of scrimping and saving each day of your retirement isn’t a pleasant thought, nor need it be.

It’s a fact that we are all living longer. The average age expectancy of somebody who reaches 65 is now 86 for women and 83 for men. How much money do you think you need in a pension fund to secure the lifestyle you desire for twenty years of retirement?

Independent Pensions Advice for couplesTypically, to receive £12,000 pounds a year from an annuity – a thousand pounds a month, you need a pensions fund of around £400,000. Think about that for a moment. Can you live off of £1000 per month along with whatever the state benefit will provide at the time. It’s currently £440 per month  (£110 per week). It is certainly possible to live off this, especially if you have no outstanding mortgages. But is that what you want?

You may already be aware that the government is conscious of the fact that people are not saving enough for retirement. Concerned that in coming years the state benefits system will be strained to breaking, they are forcing companies to make work place pensions schemes available to all and ensuring people join those schemes or make other arrangements.

Take Action Today

Retirement should be about luxury holidays and comfortable homes, not scrimping or making-do. But we need to be given the right pensions advice at the right time. So start planning for the retirement of your dreams and let’s talk!

Email or call us today at 01923 882 333 and we can start fixing your pension! You may also fill out the form to the right and arrange to meet us for a Free Initial Pensions Review.