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It’s very easy to put off planning for your retirement.  It’s not something that people Read More…

Pension Auto Enrolment

Pension Auto Enrolment

Pension Auto Enrolment. Are you ready for it? The government have introduced new pensions legislation Read More…

Forgotten Pensions – Lost Pension Finder Service

Forgotten Pensions - Lost Pension Finder Service

Forgotten Pensions – Lost Pension Finder Service. It’s very easy to lose track of retirement Read More…

Are you considering transferring a final salary pension?

If you are considering transferring your defined benefit pension, then there are some important things to consider.

So that you can make an informed choice, we offer our clients an online video where you can learn the key facts about staying in the scheme or transferring out.

We’ve partnered with Money Alive to bring you FREE access to the Final Salary Portal. An interactive, educational video journey covering all the topics you need to know to help make the right decision.

Click the button to register at the Final Salary Portal now, it’s free!

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JEFF PRESTRIDGE: Ministers must prepare for a mass opt-out from pensions

From April, the minimum contribution rates are raised to 8 per cent overall – 3 per cent from employers, 5 per cent from employees. For some workers, this may be a step too far.


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